Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles UK

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We recommend using organic ph-neutral soap once a week e. g. from our favourite French brand: LE SAVONNIER MARSELLAIS (Unscented Savon Noir Liquid Soap). This was already used around 1900 and is the best and most cost effectiv way to clean your Encaustic tiles. Just add a bit to the water.... This product also protects the tiles additionally with your weekly cleaning. However, it is important that your Encaustic tiles were properly sealed during installation with LITHOFIN MN STAIN STOP! (Please see our guidance) For cleaining do not use acid-based products, bleach or a wet steamer as this may lead to damage of our Encaustic tiles and or stain which can not be removed anymore! Once correctly sealed and cleaned even strong dirt, oil, grease etc is removable without problems. Please act quickly if bbq sauce and red wine or similar reaches the Encaustic tiles as the longer they left on the tiles the more difficult it will be to clean and some stain may not more removable. For very strong dirt which seems not to go off well, please use LITHOFIN MN POWER CLEAN. However please use this as a last resort and if it is used often, you have to re-seal as it takes off also the sealer.

order now 1liter Le Savonnier Marsellais, just GBP 12.95 (last 2-3 months) 

How to clean Encaustic tiles

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order now 1liter Le Savonnier Marsellais, just GBP 12.95 (last 2-3 months)