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Encaustic tiles, Moroccan tiles seen in an old pharmacy, luckily nothing has changed over the years!

Encaustic tiles enjoyed a great popularity during the Art Deco times ca. 100 years ago. You can sometimes see them installed in houses in the south of France or in Spain and they are still as beautiful as they were at that time. Encaustic tiles are also known as Moroccan tiles or handmade tiles and are made in a mould containing a mixture of pigments, cement and marble powder. They are then hydraulically pressed and dried for some time. The word Encaustic tile is actually incorrect as it refers to a paint that is fixed by heat, but since the Victorian times it is used in the UK for inlaid cement tiles. 

Encaustic tiles or Moroccan tiles were also trend during Victorian times in the UK, USA and Latin America from where they spread over to the Caribbean and subsequently world-wide. They have gained yet once again a huge popularity in the UK during the recent years owing to their colourful pattern, handmade production and slight imperfections which give the Encaustic tiles the elegant and lovely character. Encaustic tiles, Moroccan tiles are a handmade product made by artisans in Morocco and are an "imperfect" product, but that's the charm of it not having each tile look as the other... 

Our handmade Encaustic tiles are of excellent quality and are produced in the same way as they were decades ago.

Bespoke Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles

Bespoke Encaustic tiles, Moroccan tiles for one of our customers (Barcelona 220 in light yellow)

   How are Moroccan tiles produced

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Please note that Encaustic tiles are not "perfect tiles" and that some imperfections like small splinters on the edges, scratches or slight colour differences can occur, as the cement mixture is only produced in small quantities. It is therefore best to shuffle the Encaustic tiles before installing them. Please see our guidance how to install encaustic tiles. All these add immense charm to the handmade tiles. Please add 10% extra to allow for wastage as the Encaustic tiles were transported across Europe and breakage can occur. These breakages can often be used for areas where a cut tile or small pieces are needed anyway.