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We are proud to say that our handmade Encaustic Tiles are everything - but perfect! They are a lovely, handmade product, made by artisans in the same way like in 1900. They are the opposite of any perfect and steril factory made tile which can be found in the usual tile chains or DIY stores. Encaustic Tiles are right for you if you are looking for a product with athmosphere, character, vintage feel and with loads of imperfections like slight colour differences, no straight lines, a few soft scratches and marks and with the knowledge that each tile is unique. We try to produce our handmade Encaustic Tiles not like perfect prints and even give them a bit wear and tear to make them not look too new. Please note that Encaustic Tiles become over the years more aged and more rustic which adds to the character of the tiles, especially if installed on a floor. We know that white Encaustic Tiles are very popular, please be aware that it is most likely that the colour gets a bit darker with the time. This depends much on how you handle them e.g. walking on them with shoes off is the best way to preserve the shine. However, walking on them with muddy boots, spilling red wine and curry sauce makes them most likely a bit darker. With a good sealing you can take off red wine, bbq sauce, olive oil etc in most cases but as mentioned before, the colour may gets a bit darker and a more "used, aged look" will appear, which is completely normal for these kind of handmade product. A good sealing protects a lot but not of everything and all. It's best to follow our installation guidance and maintenance advice so that you have many years of a beautiful design product at home.

Encaustic Tiles in Morocco

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in a house in Marrakech

We have put together a lot of useful information on Encaustic tiles. Learn, for instance, about the history of Encaustic tiles that are also referred to as Moroccan tiles or even Spanish tiles, Geometric tiles, Moorish tiles and Cement tiles and get insight into how they are produced, installed and cleaned. New in our range are the trendy Hexagonal Encaustic tiles

Please have a look at some pictures showing installed Encaustic tiles on different surfaces and locations by our customers. It will give you the impression as to how their beauty reflect when Encaustic tiles, Moroccan tiles are installed in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, offices, restaurants and shops on floors and walls and even in wetrooms.

We list in our category pages the most sought-after Encaustic tiles for each type of room to give you an idea, but you may install any pattern in any type of room. You also find some interesting new trends, like patchwork tiles, the 24 vibrant to vivid colours we are using, not to mention our great offers and a possibility for you to order a sample of your favourite Encaustic tiles, Moroocan tiles.

Encaustic Tiles Patchwork  Moroccan Tiles Cuba 204

New trend in the UK: Patchwork 

        Encaustic Kitchen Tiles UK

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in a hotel in Tanger.

If you like our traditional or modern pattern but think other colours would suit you better or you just want to be creative and design your unique floor style, then we could offer you our bespoke service! We would produce your bespoke Encaustic tiles within just 5 to 7 weeks and you can be sure to receive a quality handmade product at a great rate.

Encaustic Tiles in Essaouira, Morocco

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in a restaurant in Essaouira, Morocco.


Encaustic Tiles or Moroccan Tiles were hugely popular in Europe at Art Deco times around ca. 1900. Because of their durability you can still see them in a few houses around Europe, specially in France, Spain and Portugal where they sometimes "survived" the last 100 years. Please have a look at some great examples of installed Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles.

Encaustic Tiles in France

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in a shop in Nice, South France.

Encaustic Tiles in Lisbon, Portugal

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in a deli in Lisbon, Portugal.

Encaustic Tiles in Sardegna

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in a shop in Cagliari, Sardegna.

Moroccan Tiles in Barcelona

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in a restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.

Encaustic Tiles in Portugal

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in an elegant cafe in Lisbon, Portugal.

Encaustic Tiles in Cannes, France

Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles in Cannes, France.


Encaustic Tiles Morocco Tiles

Our handmade Encaustic Tiles, Moroccan Tiles New York 319 with plenty of vintage charm in a hotel in London (Park Plaza Baker Street).